Urbanco Awards Southwest Harbour Project to GPL Holdings

Urbanco has awarded the Southwest Harbour development project to GPL Holdings Private Limited. This project involves the development of three key areas: Dinghy Harbour, Commercial Development, and Vehicle Harbour.

Currently, there is a single operational jetty hub in the Male’ area, which does not adequately meet the transportation needs, especially for fragile cargo like eggs. The new project aims to address these logistical challenges.

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Additionally, the absence of a dedicated cargo vessel harbour in Hulhumale’ has presented difficulties in cargo handling. To tackle this issue, the existing vehicle harbour will be replaced to provide a specialised solution for cargo vessels.

Furthermore, the project will establish a parking facility to alleviate parking challenges in the broader Male’ area. This facility will cater to various vehicle types, including cars and bicycles, and provide designated spaces for differently-abled individuals. Simultaneously, it will designate areas for commercial development.

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