Urbanco Commences Phase 3 Dredging for Hulhumale’ Reclamation Project

Urbanco has officially launched Phase 3 of the Hulhumale’ reclamation project, yesterday.

The dredging activities represent a resumption of the initiative initially introduced by the previous government in September of the preceding year. The project had experienced a temporary hiatus following the presidential election, allowing time for essential repairs to dredging equipment and the natural formation of coral.

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The project’s overall objective is to address the persistent housing crisis in the city, with the entire initiative segmented into multiple phases. The first phase successfully reclaimed 10 hectares of land before a brief pause in operations. 

Under the current government’s administration, Phase 2 is actively progressing to reclaim an additional 29 hectares in three distinct stages. The final phase is set to focus on the reclamation of 63 hectares.

Capital Marine and Civil Construction (CMCC) has been entrusted with executing the dredging work per the predetermined schedule. Simultaneously, the Housing Minister has hinted at potential modifications to the land allocation process for residents. 

This move responds to the growing concerns and complaints voiced by individuals who acquired land under the previous administration’s ‘Binveriya Scheme.’ The proposed changes address these issues and ensure a fair and transparent allocation process.

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