Urbanco Completes Land Reclamation for Area B of Thilafushi Phase 2

Urbanco has successfully concluded the reclamation of Area B of Thilafushi Phase 2 project, spanning 39.6 hectares. 

The reclamation of Area A is currently in progress, with expectations to finalise it by February of the following year. This will expand Area A to a total of 71.5 hectares.

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The Thilafushi industrial project, led by Urbanco and overseen by the Government of Maldives, aims to allocate land for infrastructure development and commercial purposes, promoting regional economic growth. 

Furthermore, the construction of the Thilamale’ Bridge, connecting Hulhumale’, Male’, Villimale’, and Gulhifalhu Thilafushi, is expected to facilitate economic development in the area.

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