Urbanco Extends Deadline for Hulhumale Phase 3 Land Reclamation Project

Urbanco has announced that an extension of two additional days will be required to complete the Hulumale Phase 3, Site A land reclamation project. The physical work for the Hulhumale’ Phase 3 reclamation project began on 22nd September 2023. Prior to the announcement, it was forecasted the project would conclude on 20nd September. 

Urbanco stated that ongoing challenges within the reclamation process, attributed to the accumulation of waste in the area, have led to delays. An extra day will be dedicated to cleanup in response to this situation. A total of 63 hectares of land reclamation is planned, with 10 hectares designated for Site A, 29 hectares for Site B, and 24 hectares for Site C.

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The Hulumale Phase III Land Reclamation project is part of a broader development effort to address the various difficulties experienced in Male’. Urbanco views this project as a significant step forward in meeting the housing needs of many city residents who have faced prolonged housing challenges, with the potential to enhance their overall quality of life.

Additionally, Urbanco is engaged in development projects in Kudagiri, Thilafushi, Gulhifalhu, and Dhiyaneru Falhu, in addition to its work on the third phase of the land reclamation project in Hulhumale’. 

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