Urbanco Implements Height Limit of Six Stories for Buildings Under Binveriya Scheme

Urbanco, in an announcement today, has established that the maximum height allowed for buildings under the Binveriya Scheme will be limited to six stories. 

This decision comes in line with the “Building Rules on Land Allocated under the Binveriya Project” released by Urbanco, which specifies that buildings on such allocated land cannot exceed a height of 18.5 metres and are restricted to a maximum of six floors.

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The determination of a building’s height, according to these regulations, is measured from the ground level to either the top of the spring line or the roof beam. In cases where a terrace is incorporated into the structure, the measurement is taken from the yard to the top of the terrace slab or deck.

Additionally, as per the newly established rule, any building exceeding a height of 15 meters or having more than five floors must include an elevator.

This decision to cap building heights at six stories under the Binveriya Scheme represents a change from the previous allowance, as just last month, buildings in the city were permitted to rise to a height of 10 stories. Prior to this adjustment, residential buildings in Hulhumale’ had a maximum height of seven stories.

Urbanco has clarified that land allocated for residential use in Hulhumale’ can now accommodate buildings up to 10 stories high, equivalent to 31 meters. Alongside this announcement, Urbanco has outlined the specific building standards that must be adhered to when constructing at this increased height.

The modification in building regulations in Hulhumale’ has raised speculation regarding its connection to the allocation of land under the Binveriya scheme. However, Urbanco has affirmed its distinct approach by introducing a separate set of rules for land allocated through the Binveriya scheme.

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