Urbanco Initiates Land Reclamation for Hulhumale’ Phase III

Urbanco officially commenced its 63-hectare land reclamation for the Hulhumale’ Phase III project on Friday. This venture is part of a broader suite of developmental projects targeting the challenges in the Male’ region.

The Hulhumale’ Phase III initiative aims to significantly alleviate the longstanding housing crisis in Male’ city, potentially enhancing living standards for many residents.

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Consistent with previous phases in Hulhumale’, Phase III plans to introduce a range of services and amenities to augment community living. Infrastructure developments, such as roads and bridges, will be accompanied by spaces for sports, entertainment, and parks, highlighting the drive to promote a superior lifestyle for residents.

Moreover, projects in Hulhumale’ Phase III, Kudagiri, Thilafushi, Gulhifalhu, and Dhiyaneru Lagoon, are underway. These undertakings are not just focused on the housing issue but also aim to provide solutions for industrial and entertainment needs in the region.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has pledged to tackle the housing issues in Male’ city, and this project is a step towards that goal.

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