Urbanco Introduces Online Platform for Queries to Managing Director

Urbanco has implemented an online system allowing individuals to submit questions, feedback, and concerns directly to the Managing Director, Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed. 

The company announced this development via a tweet, stating that citizens and businesses can now inquire from any part of the country.

To facilitate this process, those wishing to ask questions can send their queries to Fazul through AskMD@urbanco.mv, according to a company statement. 

Fazul aims to enhance transparency and community engagement by committing to respond to any online submissions, whether they are questions, feedback, or complaints.

The initiative comes in response to numerous complaints from residents regarding the condition of flats. The online portal is a practical tool for individuals seeking to communicate their concerns. In a proactive move, Fazul visited Hulhumale’ to inspect the flats’ conditions, underscoring Urbanco’s commitment to promptly addressing the community’s issues.

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