Urbanco Presents Keys to Vinares Flats

Yesterday evening, Urbanco formally presented the keys for the Vinares Housing Project flats during an Hulhumale’ Phase II event.

This venture, backed by the government and in collaboration with Urbanco, encompasses 10 towers, with each reaching a height of 13 storeys.

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All in all, the Vinares Housing Project has 1,344 three-room flats. These accommodations come in four unique designs: Inner View, Outer View, Marina View, and Standard View. Specifically, Marina View has 172 apartments, Outer View consists of 372 units, Inner View contains 352 flats, and Standard View holds 448 apartments.

Back in February, Urbanco made public the definitive list of beneficiaries. The signing of agreements with the flat recipients in the previous month succeeded this announcement.

The cost for each flat in the Vinares project oscillates between MVR 2.52 million and MVR 2.59 million. Potential homeowners were given the option to make a lump sum payment or to choose monthly instalments lasting 20-25 years.

Once all finishing touches are complete, every flat in the project will be handed over. It’s worth noting that this project also accommodates those who passed up on the Hiyaa flats offers and those who had formerly secured land from Sealife and Gulhifalhu.

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