Urbanco Signs with Tourism Ministry to Develop a Designated Tourist Beach

Urbanco has partnered with the Ministry of Tourism to develop a designated tourist beach in the Hulhumale’ Phase I.

Permanent Secretary Fathimath Nilfa represented the Ministry in signing the accord, while Urbanco’s Managing Director, Ahmed Athif, affixed his signature on the company’s behalf during a formal ceremony held at the Ministry of Tourism.

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Highlighting the importance of this initiative, Tourism Minister Abdulla Mausoom stated that Hulhumale’ was in pressing need of a tourist-exclusive beach. He noted that throughout the planning phase, feedback was actively sought from the Ministry’s team, Urbanco, and industry stakeholders to ensure a holistic design approach.

Hulhumale’ is already equipped with an array of tourist amenities, and as Mausoom remarked, “While furthering our tourism developments, our primary focus is on fostering a safe and serene environment for both Maldivians and tourists. Both the Guesthouse Association and the Boating Association have emphasised the essentiality of a dedicated tourist beach. We are now embarking on the journey to bring this vision to life.”

Speaking to the current situation, Urbanco’s Managing Director Athif shed light on the increased usage of Hulhumale’ beach by the populace from the Male’ region. He underscored the industry’s concerns, as expressed by guest houses and safari boats operating in the vicinity, particularly regarding the lack of a distinct tourist beach. This absence, Athif revealed, has led to some booking cancellations.

Detailing the project’s progress, Athif mentioned, “We have prepared the location which is situated behind the water theme park and MTCC bus terminal in Hulhumale’ Phase 1. The site is considerably distanced from residential areas and has been designed with distinct zones to ensure harmony between tourists and local residents.”

The tourist beach will be all-inclusive, ensuring accessibility for those with disabilities. Amenities will comprise benches, lifeguard stations, toilets, and seating areas, according to Urbanco. Moreover, the beach will feature kiosks, changing facilities, lockers, and shower spaces.

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