Urbanco Signs with Youth Ministry for Thilafushi Motor Sports Arena Development

Urbanco has formalised an agreement with the Ministry of Youth to allocate land for an upcoming Motor Sports Arena set to be established in Thilafushi Phase II, with a dedicated expanse of 10 hectares earmarked for the venture.

The agreement was signed by Ahmed Athif, Managing Director of Urbanco, and Deputy Minister, Azmoon Ahmed representing the Youth Ministry. Additionally, Mohamed Shamih, President of The Racing Association, attended the signing event.

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Ahmed Athif commented on the occasion, expressing optimism about the future arena, “In Hulhumale’, we faced challenges which we have now overcome, enabling us to look forward to an international standard racing track in Thilafushi.”

Mohamed Shamih, while discussing the venture, emphasised that the arena will host various motorsports disciplines, not just racing. A primary aim of the project is to cater to the youth’s needs, given the current lack of suitable spaces dedicated to Motor Sports.

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