Urbanco to Handover Vinares Keys Upon Submitting Proper Documentation

According to Urbanco, individuals named on the list prepared by the Ministry of Planning, Housing and Infrastructure are required to submit their guarantor form, guarantor credit report, and personal credit report to receive their keys to the Vinares flats.

Residents who have previously resided in Hiyaa, Sealife, and Gulhifalhu have already been handed their respective keys. Meanwhile, efforts are underway to finalise agreements with others included in the Ministry’s list.

To ensure inclusivity, Urbanco has introduced additional provisions for individuals unable to demonstrate their financial capability to purchase the Vinares flat under the ‘Lease-to-own’ model. These provisions include the acceptance of supplementary documents to verify income. 

Those who have not provided an MMA credit report can now submit it. If they cannot validate the requisite EMI, a guarantor can be nominated. In situations where the individual isn’t connected to the guarantor’s credit report, nominations are still permissible. To assist in this process, teams from Urbanco will be available to help with form completion.

The main purpose of the modification is to simplify the housing acquisition process via Vinares apartments and promoting affordable housing for all.

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