US and Maldives Commit to Enhanced Economic and Trade Relations

A meeting was held at the President’s Office between US Assistant Secretary Bureau Of South And Central Asian Affairs Donald Lu and President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, focusing on boosting trade and economic ties with the United States.

The discussions, held this morning, centred on enhancing cooperation between the two nations, particularly in the realms of trade, tourism, and security in the Indian Ocean region. Assistant Secretary Lu highlighted the importance of bilateral cooperation in these areas, spotlighting both countries’ potential for growth and development.

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President Muizzu expressed his gratitude for the continued support and cooperation from the US government. He reaffirmed his administration’s commitment to foreign policies that are beneficial for Maldives and contribute positively to the nation’s economic development.

A significant portion of the dialogue was dedicated to international issues of mutual concern to both Maldives and the United States. President Muizzu voiced his hope for a permanent cessation of Israeli aggression against Palestinians in Gaza, especially with the approaching month of Ramadan. He emphasized the need for a lasting solution, advocating for the recognition of East Jerusalem as the capital of Palestine, the establishment of two internationally recognized states, and the sovereignty and independence of Palestine.

The meeting concluded with Assistant Secretary Lu congratulating President Muizzu on his recent electoral victory. He commended the peaceful and democratic transition of power in Maldives, describing it as a model for South Asia and the wider international community.

This high-level meeting marks a continuation of the longstanding relationship between Maldives and the United States, which officially began on 10 November. The discussions are a testament to the growing partnership between the two countries, as they seek to strengthen economic, trade, and security ties. The emphasis on mutual cooperation in these areas signals a promising future for bilateral relations, with potential benefits extending beyond national borders.

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