Use of Maldivian driving license banned at Malaysia

In a recent statement released by the Maldivian Embassy in Malaysia, they have declared that with the changes brought to Malaysian Road Transportation Law, a foreign driving licence can no longer be used.

According to the statement, this is only a temporary ban on using a foreign driver’s licence. Nonetheless, The Maldivian embassy clarified that the ban stands for all foreign countries. The statement urged Maldivians in Malaysia to stop the usage of their Maldivian driver’s licence which was previously used with a letter issued by the Embassy.

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As numerous Maldivians use Maldivian driver’s licence in Malaysia, the embassy is in talks with relevant authorities to come up with a quick solution over the matter.

Only individuals with a license issued by Malaysian authorities or those that hold an International Driver’s Permit are currently allowed to drive vehicles in the country.

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