Vaccine Storage Facilities will be Established in Atolls and Male’: Dr. Nazla

Spokesperson of Health Emergency Operations Centre (HOEC), Dr. Nazla Rafeeq has revealed that arrangement for vaccine storage will be made in Male’ and in Atolls.

The vaccine for COVID-19 has to be stored in specialized freezers. In order to meet the capacity for vaccination, storage facilities will be established in both Male’ and Atolls, according to HEOC.

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“Vaccines for other medical requirements are already stored within the atolls. We will need to increase the capacity though to accommodate the new vaccine, according to the regulations advised by WHO and UNICEF. Specialized freezers and requirements needed for the vaccine storage will be brought to Maldives”

Speaking at the HEOC conference last night, Dr. Nazla said that information regarding the side effects of the COVID-19 vaccine will be relayed to the public by doctors and nurses.

“Any side effects from the vaccine will be documented for investigation and necessary measures will be taken. The policies are in place for these scenarios. We intend to create a data base to further enhance the process,” said Dr. Nazla.

A new variant of COVID-19 has emerged in the UK and is currently spreading at a rapid rate. The nation is expected to impose stricter lockdowns following the new revelations. UK is one of the top tourism markets to Maldives, with a large number of tourist arrivals being recorded everyday.

Dr. Nazla said that HEOC is keeping up to date with WHO on the variant of the virus and measures are being placed.

She strongly advised the community to follow the guidelines by HPA and that is the easiest way to control an outspread.

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