Value of goods exported in November recorded at 99% more compared to 2016

Photo by Avas

Exported goods in November 2017, showed 99% increase compared to that of 2016. According to the reports published by Maldives Customs Service, in November 2016 MVR 193 million worth of goods were exported while in November 2017 MVR 386 million worth of goods were exported.

Fish produce made up the majority of exported goods and the most popular product was frozen or chilled Yellowfin Tuna and Skipjack Tuna products. Together these accounted for 58% of the exports. The second most exported items were other food products.

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The largest quantity of goods was exported to Thailand, to where a total of 36% of the exports went. 10% of the total exports were made to France, America and UK.

Meanwhile, the total of duty and other fees collected by Customs decreased by 2% compared to that of November 2016. MVR 246 million was collected through Customs duty during November 2017.

The CIF value of goods imported during November decreased by 5% compared to November 2016. This November MVR 3.1 billion worth goods was imported while it was MVR 3.2 billion for the same period in 2016.

Majority of imports was recorded from UAE which was 23% of total imports, followed by Singapore and India with 13%. Most popular imports to the Maldives in November include machinery, food products and oil.

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