Vehicles Which Violate Parking Rules will be Given Stickers Once Again

Issuing of violation stickers to vehicles which have been parked illegally has been started up by the Maldives Police Service 25th February 2019.

Although the government had previously stopped giving stickers due to the lack of parking space, they have now started giving out stickers to vehicles which violate parking rules such as parking in restricted areas.

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The following are some of the restricted parking areas:

  • Near Mosques
  • Near Zebra Crosses and Pavements
  • Near Schools
  • Near Hospitals
  • Near Banks
  • Tarred area in Boduthakurufaanu Magu
  • Near Cones/ Brigades kept by Police
  • Areas with double line

Stickers would not be given out without providing proper solutions for parking issues, as per the current President of Maldives Hon. Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. In order to act upon his statement, President Mr. Solih had previously stopped the sticker giving regulations. However, as it has gotten more common for vehicles to park inappropriately, causing several difficulties for the residents, the issuing of tickets has resumed once more.

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