Vehicles without rear view mirrors to be penalised

Traffic Police say that motor vehicles that do not follow the rules and regulations of Transport Authority will be checked and penalized.

According to the post in the social media, traffic police revealed that vehicles which do not compliance to road safety and regulations will be punishable under the law, especially vehicles without the rearview mirror and broken tail lights.

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They further said actions will be taken against who operates the vehicle that have been modified or upgraded for high speed and performance.

Maldives Police Service has been recently conducting traffic operation on Male’ City, especially in Sinamale’ Bridge. They have been constantly advising the public to follow the safety rules and forewarning to punish those who violate the law.

Traffic Police previously have taken action for vehicles without rearview mirror, although there was a period that was ignored. Operating vehicles without rear view mirror is an offence under the traffic and road safety regulations.

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