VIA Enhances Facilities with 68 Additional Parking Slots for Jets

Velana International Airport (VIA) has increased its capacity for jet arrivals during the winter super peak by utilising newly developed parking slots, referred to as RAMP areas. 

This development allows VIA to accommodate 68 jets, marking a significant increase from the previous capacity of 39 aircraft. 

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The breakdown of the parking slots is as follows:

  • North Apron: 13
  • East Apron: 26
  • New GA Parking in front of Fuel Farm: 13
  • New GA Parking South: 16

The expansion in capacity is the result of the Maldives Airports Company Limited’s (MACL) development of 27,257 sqm of parking area on the southwest side and an additional 27,590 sqm of parking in the north, situated in front of the new fuel farm. 

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