VIA First Phase of South West Apron Inaugurated

Photo: MACL

Velana International Airport (VIA) South West Apron’s first phase has been inaugurated in a colorful ceremony held on 17th July 2019.

The first airline to land on the new apron in VIA was the national carrier of Maldives, Maldivian narrow-body aircraft which can accommodate over 200 passengers.

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The airline was on route from China/Bangkok and a warm welcome was given with a water salute to celebrate its landing on the new apron.

Hassan Areef, the Associate General Manager of Corporate Communication at MACL stated that the inauguration of the apron is a huge achievement and that the development of the new runway will have a major impact in improving the flight service.

The first phase of the apron consists of 70,000 square metre which can accommodate five wide-body aircraft and one narrow-body aircraft or two wide-body aircraft and seven narrow-body aircraft.

Developed to meet the international airport standards, the second phase of the apron is expected to complete in the next 6 months.

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