VIA Terminal Project Accelerated for 2024 Completion

The Economic Council has announced a significant acceleration in the development of Velana International Airport’s (VIA) new terminal, which is aiming for completion by September next year. This decision marks a substantial shift in the project’s timeline, previously expected to extend beyond 2024.

Under Secretary for Public Policy, Mohamed Firzul Abdulla Khaleel detailed this development during a press conference held at the President’s Office. He highlighted the formation of an Airport Development Committee, led by President Dr Mohamed Muizzu, dedicated to overseeing the terminal’s construction.

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The Economic Council, in collaboration with line ministries, is orchestrating efforts to ensure the project’s completion in the latter half of next year. This strategic move is driven by President Muizzu’s ambition to have the terminal operational in time for the 2024 peak season.

Firzul emphasised that the current focus is solely on the terminal’s construction. However, he acknowledged the necessity of additional infrastructure, such as developing surrounding roads and duty-free shops, to utilize the airport’s potential fully.

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