VIA Water Building to Have New Outlets

Velana International Airport (VIA) is ready to open new franchise outlets in the newly opened Waterfront Building.

The Waterfront which can provide a service for 200 customers at the same time. KFC, Pizza Hut, Costa Coffee and Harvest Market services will be available from the building. To open the outlets/brands, Maldives Airports and Contracting Company signed with the Italian company, HMS Host International on January 2018.

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HMS Host is a brand which gives food services from highways, airports to different areas of the world. The company is providing restaurant/ cafe services currently at 150 airports in the world. 

An official from MACL said that, even though the waterfront building is currently operating four franchise outlets, later they would bring the Malaysian popular restaurant Secret Recipe to the building.

The Foods & Beverage outlet which is to be open in the airport is a 14,000 square foot large building. Under the roof, a special jetty is constructed for ferry services between Hulhule’ and Male’. MACL did not mention an opening date for the new jetty.

As KFC and Pizza hut are taking place in Airport, those two franchise outlets were opened and giving services currently in Male’ by a Sri Lankan company along with a Maldivian company.

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