Vice President Holds Discussions on “Youth Skill Development Centre” Project

Vice President Faisal Naseem has yesterday held discussions with relevant authorities regarding the “Youth Skill Development Centre“ project.

At the meeting held at President’s Office, the Vice President reiterated the importance of building, strengthening and empowering the youth population to create a healthier and more productive workforce for the country. Speaking in this regard, he emphasized that the Youth Skill Development Centre underway at Kalhaidhoo Island of Laamu Atoll will create opportunities for youth to gain knowledge and practical experience. He also noted that the centre would assist in exploring diverse career fields, aiming to facilitate the path to self-sufficient livelihoods for the youth of the nation.

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Senior officials from Government Authorities relevant to the project and other stakeholders at the meeting also shared their viewpoints and ideas regarding the project.

The main objectives behind developing the Youth Skill Development Centre are to provide education and training programs to youth, along with amenities needed during the training process. Participants of the programs will also be offered assistance, including technical expertise and experience, to start their own businesses.

Vice President Faisal Naseem had visited Kalhaidhoo Island of Laamu Atoll and toured the site allocated for the proposed Youth Skill Development Centre last weekend.

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