Vice President Inaugurates Programme to Teach Holy Quran to Those Residing Abroad

Vice President Faisal Naseem has inaugurated a programme run by the Ministry of Islamic Affairs to teach the Holy Quran to those residing abroad. The function was held yesterday morning at the Islamic Centre.

The Vice President said the government accords equal precedence to fulfilling the needs of all citizens, both at home and abroad. Adding that the government keeps close contact with those residing abroad, he said the inauguration of the online programme would also allow them to pursue their Qiraʼat certifications.

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Emphasising the administration’s commitment to strengthening and promoting Islamic principles, the Vice President described the National Quran Competition held last year during the trying times of the Covid-19 pandemic as a success. He applauded the role of the National Centre for the Holy Quran and the Ministry of Islamic Affairs in facilitating online outreach programmes for Maldivian students. Maldivian students residing in Malaysia, India and Sri Lanka are enrolled in the programme that offers three levels of certificate courses.

The Minister of Islamic Affairs Dr Ahmed Zahir, High Commissioner of the Maldives to Malaysia Visam Ali, Deputy High Commissioner of the Maldives to Sri Lanka Aslam Shakir and the High Commissioner of the Maldives to India Dr Hussain Niyaz, also spoke at the ceremony.

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