Villa College and Pulse Hotels and Resorts Forge Educational Partnership

Villa College has strengthened its position in the hospitality education sector by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pulse Hotels and Resorts on April 7th. The collaboration aims to bolster educational initiatives and enhance professional development within the Maldives’ hospitality industry.

Under the MoU, Pulse Hotels and Resorts will actively support Villa College’s hospitality programs by offering valuable student internship placements. These hands-on experiences will provide students with real-world insights and help them gain essential skills, fostering their readiness for the job market.

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The partnership extends beyond internships, encompassing collaborative efforts in developing comprehensive hospitality courses and conducting joint research projects. Additionally, Villa College and Pulse Hotels and Resorts will work together on psycho-social support programs, supporting the well-being of hospitality professionals.

Furthermore, both entities will explore the potential for joint conferences and seminars. These events would invite renowned industry experts to share their knowledge, offering a platform for networking and knowledge exchange among students, professionals, and key stakeholders.

This collaboration signifies a concerted effort to attract more individuals, particularly Maldivians, to the dynamic hospitality industry. By offering targeted skill development initiatives and showcasing the diverse opportunities within the sector, the partnership seeks to empower individuals and cultivate a thriving workforce within the Maldives’ hospitality landscape.

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