Villa College Celebrates 16th Anniversary

Villa College marked its 16th anniversary in a vibrant and engaging celebration held at the Villa College QI Hall on the 17th of October, 2023.

The event commenced with an engaging introduction by the master of ceremonies, Fathimath Samaahath, Lecturer at the Faculty of Educational Studies, and Amish Abdulla, Lecturer at the Faculty of Shariah and Law. Our then Rector, Dr Ahmed Anwar, welcomed the attendees, setting the stage for a remarkable evening filled with inspiration and recognition.

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Following Dr. Anwar’s welcoming address, the audience was treated to a captivating video presentation highlighting the remarkable achievements of the Villa College Diamonds. This was followed by the prestigious VC Diamond Awards ceremony, where winners were recognised and presented with awards by the Rector himself.

The evening continued to shine as a similar video presentation showcased the excellence of Villa College staff, setting the stage for the Villa College Staff Excellence Awards ceremony. Dr Ali Najeeb, the Vice-Rector, awarded these dedicated professionals.

A significant segment of the ceremony was dedicated to a presentation by Vice Rector Dr. Ali Najeeb, who outlined the exciting “Incentives for Academic Staff” program.

The Employee of the Year Award Nominees for 2022 were acknowledged, receiving their certificates from Abdul Munnim Mohamed Manik, the Deputy Vice-Rector. Dr Abdulla Sadiq, Deputy Vice-Rector, Academic and Students, presented the prestigious Employee of the Year award.

In a heartwarming gesture, certificates of recognition were also bestowed upon long-serving employees of Villa College and visiting lecturers who have contributed significantly to the institution’s growth.

To add fun and camaraderie to the evening, winners of activities organised by the Villa College Staff Club were awarded by Ms. Hidhaya Mohamed Zahir, President of VCSC.

The audience was then treated to an entertaining video presentation featuring Villa College staff’s joyous moments and celebrations. The official unveiling of the VC Policy Gazette followed this, Volume 4, Issue 1, by Dr Mohamed Adil, Deputy Vice Rector, Research and Innovation. Subsequently, the much-anticipated VC Strategic Plan 2023-2028 was revealed by Mr Abdul Munnim Mohamed Manik, Deputy Vice-Rector of administrationVilla College Celebrates 16th Anniversary and Finance, along with the VC Annual Report, unveiled by Dr Abdulla Sadiq, Deputy Vice-Rector, of Academic and Students.

The evening culminated in a jubilant 16th-anniversary cake-cutting celebration and a memorable group photo session that captured the spirit of unity and achievement. Staff members were then treated to a delightful staff talent show while enjoying a sumptuous dinner.

The 16th-anniversary celebration was a testament to the dedication and excellence of Villa College and its staff, highlighting their ongoing commitment to education and innovation. The event provided a platform to celebrate achievements and inspire further success for the years to come.

Diamond Award Winners

  • Centre for Foundation Studies
  • Centre for Open and Distance Learning
  • Registration Department

Excellence Award Winners

  • Excellence in Customer Service: Aminath Riyasa, Admin Officer, School of Computer Science/Faculty of Engineering & Technology
  • Excellence in Support Service Award: Samha Ali, Senior Admin Officer, Registration Department
  • Excellence in Research Award: Dr. Aishath Nasheeda, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Educational Studies
  • Excellence in Teaching Award: Lyernisha Sundara, Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering & Technology

Employee of the Year Nominees

  • Fathimath Anoosha, Assistant Librarian, Institute for Academic Development
  • Aishath Ziyadha, Senior Enrolment Officer, Registration Department
  • Aishath Rizuna, Senior Administrative Executive, Registration Department
  • Mohamed Shah, Assistant Manager, Registration Department/Printing
  • Riluwan Abdulla, Senior Administrative Executive, Registration Department
  • Ajwad Mohamed, Lecturer, Faculty of Business Management (received by Dr. Ahsan, -Associate Dean of FBM)
  • Fathimath Asra, Student Relations Officer, Registration Department
  • Samha Ali, Senior Administrative Officer, Registration Department
  • Fathimath Hana, Senior Administrative Executive, Centre for Foundation Studies
  • Aishath Ziyadha, Senior Enrolment Officer, Registration Department
  • Aishath Malsa Shameem, Enrolment Officer, Registration Department

Employee of the Year Winner

  • Fathimath Anoosha, Assistant Librarian at the Institute for Academic Development

Long Service Awards

  • Abdul Sattar Abdul Hameed, Visiting Lecturer from the Faculty of Educational Studies
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