Voting now Open for CSR Projects under ‘Aharenge Bank’ Community Program

Bank of Maldives has opened up voting to select a CSR project to receive MVR 200,000 financing under BML’s ‘Aharenge Bank’ community program.

According to BML’s Public Relations Manager, Mr. Mohamed Saeed, five proposals have been selected under this program, and voting is now open for which project the Maldives community feels is most imperative for society. The project that receives the most amount of votes on Facebook by the 2nd of April 2017 will receive financing of MVR 200,000.

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In February 2017, BML invited individuals and NGO’s to send their project proposals throughout the entire country to acquire funds for CSR efforts, further solidifying BML’s support for CSR initiatives and commitment to the promise made earlier this year to double the bank’s CSR expenditure.

‘Aharenge Bank’ is a nationwide campaign to underline the Bank’s commitment to, and bond with, the communities and people of Maldives. To kick off this campaign, the Bank presented a community-related initiative or event each day during February 2017.

For more information about the projects, and to cast your vote, please visit:

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