VP Urges Public Support for Waste Management Initiatives

Vice President Faisal Naseem on Saturday urged the public’s support for the administration’s waste management initiatives, calling on the public to do their part in segregating waste. In his remarks at the ceremony held in Fuvahmulah City to mark World Environment Day—observed annually on June 5—he called for the collective efforts of all citizens to segregate waste at the source.

The Vice President noted that World Environment Day is marked to put the global spotlight on the pressing environmental challenges of our time, including raising awareness of the detrimental effects of climate change. It is an occasion, he said, when we should consider the dire outcomes of the depletion of our natural resources. He described some of the effects of climate change, including the harmful effects of ozone layer depletion on humans and the environment, air pollution, and increased frequency of natural disasters.

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Noting that the climate crisis is a long-debated international issue, Vice President Faisal shed light on the Maldives’ efforts to raise awareness of the climate emergency and the threats that climate change poses to the survival of small island states. Ringing the alarm about the gravity of the climate catastrophe, he reminded us that we only have one earth and must collectively take transformative action to celebrate, protect, and restore our planet.

The low-lying archipelago of the Maldives is exposed to the risks of intensifying weather events induced by climate change. While the Maldives is at the forefront of climate advocacy, Vice President Faisal stated that we must accept responsibility and work responsibly to reduce carbon emissions and plastic pollution.

The Vice President added that we must adopt environmentally-friendly and sustainable lifestyles and help drive change in consumption habits. He also spoke about securing the natural environment for future generations and urged the public to adopt cleaner and greener practices.

The ceremony saw the unveiling of the Fuvahmulah City Biosphere Reserve logo and the signing of the “Implementing Sustainable Low and Non-Chemical Development in SIDS” project, carried out in collaboration with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP). The agreement was signed on behalf of the Maldives by Aminath Shauna, the Minister of Environment, Climate Change and Technology.

The Vice President also presented letters of recognition to the winners of the “Only One Earth” book writing competition held at Sharafuddin School. The Vice President participated in a bicycle rally held as part of the celebrations earlier on Saturday.

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