W Hotels Launches Its First In-House Recordling Label

W Hotels, one of the leading luxury brands under the Marriot International’s portfolio, announced the creation of its in-house recording label, W Records.

A representative of the W Hotels stated, that the hotel chain has always been focused on promoting music, from hosting on-site music festivals in W hotels around the world, including Hollywood, Barcelona, Bali, and Dubai. He further noted that W Records is different from a lot of initiatives which we can see in the hospitality space because its main goal is to support artists.

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W Records will sign emerging artists and help them produce and distribute their tracks around the world.

The first artist announced on its lineup was globally influenced R&B singer Amber Mark and the brand regularly works with artists such as St. Vincent.

With its new record label, the hotel aims to increase its in-house value with live performances and musical artists success to access a larger audience.

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