WAMCO Bill to be Merged with STELCO Electricity Bill

Due to the enormous amount of outstanding payments to WAMCO, the Environment Ministry reports that efforts are being made to add the payment for residential garbage collection service to the monthly electricity bill.

Waste collection is classified as a utility service under the new law, according to Deputy Environment Minister Mohamed Ansar. As a result, he stated, waste collection will be governed by the Utility Regulatory Authority (URA).

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“We believe that a water or energy meter has the largest household reach. Electricity meters are seen everywhere. Therefore, if WAMCO’s bill is connected to STELCO’s bill, WAMCO will have access to the reach,” he explained.

Ansar claimed that WAMCO had approached URA with this proposal and gained approval from the body.

“There are about 25,000 registered households. However, barely 70–80% of those pay the bills. And a large number of households are unregistered. The times for rubbish pickup are widely known, and unregistered homes also put out their garbage too,” he continued.

WAMCO has frequently expressed worry about outstanding payments.

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