Warning! Resorts and Guesthouses Violating Health Guidelines Will Be Shut Down

The Tourism Ministry has warned that they will be revoking permits of resorts and guesthouses operating in violation of COVID-19 guidelines set forth by the Health Protection Agency (HPA).

On 15th July, inbound travel restrictions were lifted in the Maldives, allowing resorts to reopen their doors and resume operations according to HPA guidelines.

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In a circular sent to resorts and guesthouses by the Ministry today, it was stated that although a majority of businesses are adhering to the guidelines, there is growing concern over violations from certain resorts.

Furthermore, it was said that if more violations were detected, the Ministry would be taking action and revoking the business permits of offending resorts indefinitely.

The Ministry’s harsh warning comes during a time of controversy in the public sphere regarding Kandima Resort, where an elderly employee contracted COVID-19 and later passed away at Kudahuvadhoo Hospital. There are 46 direct contacts of the employee who are now virus-positive.

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