Water Spinach Straws – The Next Big Thing?

Photo by @broccolirevolution on Instagram

Broccoli Revolution, a vegan restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand is using kangkung or white spinach straws. They are made from the stem of the spinach and are strong enough to be used to drink caffeinated drinks although green juices and smoothies are preferred.

This is done as a movement against single-use plastics which has become a huge problem on a global level. As it is, water spinach is edible and hence, the straw can be eaten after the drink has been finished and gives extra nutrients to those who eat it. The use of such straws could be a potential end to the use of single-use plastic straws and help in reducing the usage of all types of plastic products in general.

Photo : @broccolirevoluton (Instagram)
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Currently, there are several initiatives against single use plastic in Maldives such as using glass bottles in Guesthouses and Resorts and the ban of plastic bottles in offices such as President’s office. As the Maldivian government has plans to reduce single use plastic as part of their first 100 day pledges, using white spinach straws or a similar product could be a start which would eventually lead to greater changes.

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