‘What is a Good Death?’ by Dr. Abdulla Niyaf

Dr Abdulla Niyaf

The talk on death named as ‘What is a good death?’ is to be held at ‘MINDSET’, Total Fitness Group (TFG) Building (1st floor) on 26th November (Monday) 20:30hrs to 21:30hrs by Dr Abdulla Niyaf.

Death is the most certain event that meets all of us unexpectedly having the element of predictability sometimes such as old age, terminal illnesses, etc. Hence, the doctors are often driven to the limits of medical capacity to do all possible to avert death.

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The aim of the talk is to talk about and get people thinking about the end of life experiences for the person dying or for the loved ones that remain whether Medical, Social or Ethical. 

To confirm the registration of your seat, Viber/Text ‘MINDSET’ ON 7976463. The entry fee is 200 Rufiyaa.

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