Why Baby Boomers and Millennials Are Driving Each Other Crazy at Work (and How to Fix It)

Baby Boomers sometimes believe Millennials are entitled and lazy, but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Millennials have entered the professional world where their reality is entirely different to how the Baby Boomers knew. They prioritize things that doesn’t make much sense to Boomers because their environment has different demands.

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For example, while Baby Boomers expect to invest long-term in a company, where Millenials know their time is limited, they adopt a growing mindset which allows them to progress fast.

This is the result of massive turnover rates, an unstable economy, and a more competitive business environment.

  1. Millenials want work that is directly in line with their own career equity, which are skills and experiences that will develop and enhance their career prospects.
  2. When starting at a company, Baby Boomers were expected to pay their dues in order to move forward while Millenials expect to get paid competitively and want to take on more responsibility quickly.
  3. By providing proper training, skills development and mentor-ship programs, intense level of hard work can be seen by Millenials, whereas the company gets a return on their investment.
  4. Understanding what Millenials wants from a job need to happen as early as the interview in order to continue motivating throughout the working relationship.
  5. Create a management-employee partnership. Hold one-to-one monthly meetings with each employee and identify the areas the employees want to improve and how to achieve it.
  6. Communication goes a long way. By bridging the communication gap between these two generations can lead to greater outcomes on all sides.

Source: Inc

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