Why Did Finance Ministry Decide to Publish Bid Evaluation For The First Time?

On 20th August, Minister of Youth, Sports & Community Empowerment Ahmed Mahloof announced that the bid evaluations of Youth Ministry will be publicized starting this month. “This is crucial information for bidders,” he stated. However, this is the first time the Ministry of Finance will be publishing bid information like this. Why was this not done before?

According to the Ministry of Finance, along with a summary of the bid evaluation carried by National Tender, information regarding the bidders and bid amounts will also be made available. Ministry informed that although the website currently includes the summary of bid evaluations carried out this year, information regarding bids from 2019 until now will also be made available.

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“This is important information for people bidding in projects. It will increase their confidence. I believe there have been main concerns regarding government bid projects.” Said an expert in the Finance Industry. He said that these days, it is important that there are more bidders for projects.

The Ministry’s website reveals the project type, procurement number, procurement name, project sector, agency, awarded party, awarded amount and duration as well as the downloadable summary. Finance Ministry informed this step was taken to strengthen activities related to the state’s finance and to establish transparency.

According to an entrepreneur and finance specialist, this was a positive decision taken by the Ministry to create transparency. “Before this, there was much information unknown regarding technical evaluations. Bidders were not aware of why they got disqualified and the marks they received.”

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