Win up to €30K for Your Startup! Pitch Online at Oslo Innovation Week

Oslo Innovation Week (OIW) is an annual conference focused on bringing forward new voices and innovation in action. The event highlights green solutions that solve real global challenges through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. This year’s edition will take place on 21-25 September 2020 and will be fully digital.

Join the OIW 100 Pitches

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The best place for founders to showcase their startup during Oslo Innovation Week is at the OIW 100 Pitches. The OIW 100 Pitches connects the most promising seed-stage startups with corporate leaders, VC’s and investors, and give big visibility to seed-stage startups working towards the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

There are 5 tracks for this year’s OIW 100 Pitches, each indicating an area of expertise for the startups to compete in Ocean, Energy, Health, Equality and Smart Cities.

This year the top 100 Video Pitches will be made available for all to see ahead of the event, similar to a “Netflix for Pitches”. This way investors and VC’s can check out the top 100 startups, divided by this year’s five tracks. In addition, the startups will get their own page and URL to share with potential investors and stakeholders.

How do I apply?

To apply, all startups must submit a video pitch (max 3 min) by 31 August. Wondering about the video quality? Anything goes. You can record your voice over your slides, and that’s great! The startup is what matters at OIW 100 Pitches, not your video skills.

Based on the video pitches, a jury will select 3 companies from 5 different tracks. The 15 companies are invited to present live, through an in-depth dialogue with the jury. This means you can pitch from all over the world, wherever you are based.

The live pitch session will be Tuesday 22 September, competing for a prize pool of €30K. The track winners will be announced at DNB NXT on Wednesday 23 September.

Apply here no later than 31 August!

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