Winners of HDC’s Central Park Mosque Design Competition Announced

The Central Park in Hulhumale’ has been developed in a way that visitors and residents of Hulhumale’ can utilize it for various activities and leisure purposes. Four areas of Central Park are now being developed for various purposes under a new project, including building a mosque along with an Islamic center. As such, Housing Development Corporation (HDC) and Ministry of Economic Development collaborated to hold a competition to design the structure and components of the mosque with the Islamic center.

To announce the winner of the competition HDC held a special ceremony on 06th October 2021 and the prize was given by Minister of Economic Development Mr. Fayyaz Ismail to the winner Mai Design Pvt Ltc. The winner of this competition received a prize worth MVR 300,000.

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The second place of the competition was won by Ammar Ayman Zaino and Aishath Rasiya, while third place was won by Inside Plus Pvt Ltd.

The purpose of this project was to give opportunities to local architects and designers to design the mosque by taking historical mosques as an inspiration. This project was a collaboration between Ministry of Economic Development and Housing Development Corporation. The mosque being built under this project will be able to accommodate around 2500 people in the mosque and the Islamic center will include a meeting room along with a library.

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