Women contribute to 50% of the economic advancement in the country– Minister Fayyaz

Minister of Economic Development, Fayyaz Ismail has said the economic growth constitutes of women’s participation and that it accounts for 50% of the economic advancement in the country.

The Minister made this remark at the two-day councilors conference held at Marina at the Crossroads Maldives, “Viavathi Raaje” from 15th-16th December 2019.  

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Minister Fayyaz said the societal mindset on discouraging women on leading corporate or political positions in the economy needs to be changed in order to develop and expand the economy of Maldives.

“Without the contribution of working women, we will face great difficulties to advance the economy and tackle potential growth. Under the President Ibrahim Solih’s administration, we will witness 33% of council seats occupied by women as a move to increase female inclusivity,” Minister Fayyaz said.

One of the main breakthroughs at the conference was the president ratifying the eighth amendment to the Decentralization Act, which grants councils legal and fiscal autonomy to develop their respective constituencies.

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