Women in Tech Maldives Introduces ‘Wednesdays with WomeninTech Maldives’ Program

Women in Tech Maldives have introduced a program ‘Wednesdays with WomeninTech Maldives’. This is going to be a series of knowledge-sharing sessions, where experts from different areas in the field of science and technology share their knowledge and experience to people with the interest to learn. These biweekly online sessions are held on Wednesdays. The main purpose of this event is to create a tech-savvy community, where people use science and technology efficiently and securely.

Wednesdays with WomeninTech Maldives is an interactive session where knowledge, tools, and methods, demonstrations related to different areas are shared with the participants. These sessions are held for a duration of one hour. Each session gives importance to a single topic for the ease of understanding. These sessions are not only for the people in the ICT area but also for the public.

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In order to join the session, participants will be required to register. Separate registration forms will be available for each session. The registration forms will be available through their social media pages. Once registered, participants will be confirmed and meeting IDs and passwords will be shared. Registration for these sessions are free.

The first session of this series was targeted for Technical Professionals on how to secure employees and data while working from home. This session covered topics related to keeping an organization’s data and employees secure while working from home. The majority of the feedback received from the participants after the session was positive. Participants showed keen interest to join upcoming sessions.

For more information regarding the event, Women in Tech Maldives instructs to contact Aminath Raayan at +9607860850.

Women in tech Maldives is a non-profit organization working to inspire, empower, and celebrate women in science and technology. Aim of WomeninTechmv is to accelerate the growth of women in science and technology by creating opportunities that foster innovation and build the community.

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