Women in Tech to Facilitate Maldives to Compete in FIRST Global Challenge 2023

Women in Tech Maldives has announced that they are facilitating the participation of a team from Maldives in the renowned FIRST Global Challenge 2023, to be held in Singapore from the 7th to the 10th of October 2023.

This international robotics competition is conducted in various countries each year, following an Olympics-style format. FIRST Global extends invitations to nations worldwide to assemble and program robots for competitive purposes. These teams collaborate on tasks aligned with significant global challenges, including the 14 Grand Challenges for Engineering. The overarching aim is to promote mutual understanding and cooperation among the global youth as they employ their skills to address pressing global issues.

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This year, Team Maldives will comprise nine students hailing from Hira School Addu City. This dedicated group includes five exceptional students and their two mentors, who will represent the Maldives at the First Global Challenge 2023 in Singapore. Their participation will revolve around addressing global challenges within the theme of “Innovating for a Sustainable Future.” Additional team members will offer support from their base in Addu City.

Team Maldives is unveiling their innovative robotics project, named “Project KalhuOhFummi,” which is designed to excel in the dynamic FIRST Global Challenge 2023, centred on the theme “Hydrogen Horizons.” This ambitious project exemplifies Team Maldives’ steadfast commitment to innovation and problem-solving on a global scale. At the heart of the challenge, KalhuOhFummi’s robot adeptly handles the collection and placement of hydrogen and oxygen balls into designated tanks while aligning them beneath an accumulator. This complex operation takes place within an intense final 30-second countdown, where every robot strives to push the boundaries of technology. KalhuOhFummi truly encapsulates the essence of “Innovating for a Sustainable Future,” underscoring Team Maldives’ dedication to addressing global challenges.

A Message from Hira School:

“We are honoured to stand on a global stage as ambassadors for the Maldives, Hira School, and our fellow students. This journey has not only been an incredibly enjoyable experience but has taught us numerous skills, including how to work as a team, be patient, and think critically and creatively. The hands-on experience we are getting has ignited our passion to further explore and excel in the STEM field. We are eager to collaborate with other inventors, exchange knowledge, and gain insight from them in order to forge a more sustainable and promising future.”

The team selection process commenced in June 2023 when the challenge was officially announced. Hira School’s team earned their position based on the impressive response they provided to Women in Tech Maldives’ call for applications. Subsequently, their application was presented to and accepted by the First Global team. Consequently, Team Hira from Hira School, Addu, is prepared to represent the Maldives on this esteemed platform.

This year, Team Maldives will benefit from mentoring provided by Women in Tech Maldives Mentor, Robotics teacher Aishath Naura Naseem, and Hiraa School STEM Teacher Fathimath Afaaf Hussain.

FIRST Global believes that by making science and technology as exciting as any other sport, they can inspire the world’s two billion youth to pursue STEM fields and be the leaders who work together to solve our planet’s most pressing problems.

Through their partnership with First Global, Women in Tech Maldives is providing opportunities for Maldivian students.

FIRST Global is a non-profit focused on STEM education for youth around the world.

Women in Tech Maldives is committed to enabling opportunities for the nation’s students, especially girls, to shine in the tech industry. They believe that by elevating their potential and focusing on technology, they not only further national progress but also position the Maldives prominently on the global stage. Their commitment remains steadfast: to champion the present and future technological prowess of the Maldives.

This year, the Maldives team has received financial support from First Global. Locally, the State Trading Organisation and the Allied Insurance Company of the Maldives have also provided their support.

For the latest updates on Team Maldives’ remarkable journey and details about the FIRST Global Challenge 2023, please follow the socials below and visit https://first.global/about/.

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