Workplace by Keiretsu: Revolutionizing the Modern Office Space

The places where we work matter now more than ever. They need to help us collaborate better, concentrate better, experiment better, and learn better. And now, as design and tech evolve, people are rebelling against the uninspiring sea of sameness that has come to be known as the office.

If you glance an eye at the largest, most innovative global companies like Google, their office spaces look more like playgrounds or fantasy lands, don’t they? Because when we’re at our most comfortable, when we’re given enough room to get creative and think outside the box, that is when the magic happens.

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In the Maldives, Workplace by Keiretsu is revolutionizing the way we see our modern workspaces. By addressing changing needs and dynamics, the team at Keiretsu is incorporating global design trends into local office spaces to inspire creativity and bolster productivity.

People are working in teams now more than ever, and very rarely are they sitting at their desks all forty hours of the week. A major trend is the end of permanent workplace layouts, replaced instead with organic spaces that provide community areas and easy connectivity throughout the space.

Along with this, products that provide personal control can provide a healthier work environment and facilitate collaboration and enhanced performance.

The best ideas are developed when people are able to brainstorm with their team members in a fun, comfortable space. 

One trend that can be seen is large lounge areas with all different types of creative furniture and seating. Bean bags, swings and adult jungle gyms are a few interesting ideas that can be seen popping up in modern design.

Cubicles? Private offices? Say goodbye to closed off rooms and drywalls, and say hello to a new era of open space. In line with the trend of enhanced collaboration, workstations can now be hubs for employees to interact and be more productive as opposed to individual work done separately.

Campers and dens are the updated answer to the question: Why Build Walls?, delivering layers of privacy through pods, cabins and awnings, and flexibility and choice thanks to its wide range of configurations.

For more information, visit the Keiretsu website.

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