Workplace Launches Their Online Store in Collaboration with US Company, Steelcase

Workplace, a Maldivian brand specialising in workspace solutions announced the launch of an exclusive online store in a strategic partnership with the world-renowned Company, Steelcase.

Elevate Your Workspaces with the Exclusive Steelcase Online Store

A highlight of this partnership is the debut of the first-ever Steelcase online store in the Maldives, available exclusively through Workplace’s website. This online store is a one-stop destination for those seeking to elevate their office and home workspaces. The store showcases a diverse and comprehensive array of premium office chairs, desks, and accessories that harmoniously blend functionality, comfort, and aesthetics. From ergonomic seating options designed to support long hours of productivity to height-adjustable desks that combine form and function, the Workplace online store redefines workspace essentials.

Transforming Workspaces, Redefining Possibilities

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The collaborative efforts of Workplace and Steelcase represent a transformative stride in the way individuals and businesses approach their workspaces in the Maldives. By amalgamating Workplace’s expertise in creative workspace solutions with Steelcase’s legacy of innovative products, the partnership aims to empower customers in the Maldives to curate environments that foster productivity, well-being, and innovation – unlocking human potential.

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