Workshops, New Ferry Terminal Planned for Industrial Village

Male City Mayor Adam Azim has announced plans for a significant overhaul of the Industrial Village, including the introduction of workshops, a new ferry terminal, and parking facilities. The overhaul aims to address longstanding issues of congestion and parking in the capital.

During an interview on SSTV, Mayor Azim highlighted the longstanding neglect of the Industrial Village, which has become synonymous with piles of garbage and urban decay. He underscored the city council’s commitment to transforming the area, supported by the Ministry of Housing, Land and Urban Development and other key stakeholders.

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Collaborating with the Waste Management Corporation (WAMCO), Housing Ministry, Local Government Ministry, Maldives Ports Limited (MPL), and law enforcement, accumulated waste was cleared from the site last weekend.

Mayor Azim emphasised the pivotal role the Industrial Village could play in alleviating congestion in Male’, envisioning it as a multifunctional space.

One proposed development includes a parking facility to accommodate the city’s vehicles, offering a solution to the chronic parking shortages.

Further, MPL will construct workshops within the area to provide essential services to residents and mitigate traffic issues.

“The MPL is contracted to develop a facility for workshops in the area and hand it over to the city council. These workshops are crucial to the residents of Male’, to [resolve] the traffic issues,” he said.

Mayor Azim also outlined plans for improved maritime infrastructure, including the creation of terminals to facilitate smoother transitions for vessels and passengers. 

“We are developing the harbours of Male’ as places where boats can dock, and people can embark and disembark with ease.” 

Additionally, plans are underway to construct public toilets on the site.

Mayor Azim expressed confidence in completing the redevelopment within the next two years. 

The Male Industrial Village, established during former President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom’s administration, has faced neglect over the years, becoming a hotspot for illegal activities and environmental degradation.

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