World of Tomorrow Soars to Success with Spectacular Launch

World of Tomorrow, in partnership with the International Coaching Federation (ICF), has successfully concluded its inaugural event series at Villa Nautica. Designed for professionals from diverse backgrounds in both the public and private sectors, the event provided a unique platform for 122 participants to explore the evolving landscape of coaching.

Audiences were highly pleased with the event. “Attending the masterclass by Robert Garcia was an eye-opener. The interactive format made the concepts come to life, and the networking session allowed me to connect with professionals from diverse backgrounds. I left with fresh insights and an expanded professional network,” remarked a satisfied attendee.

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Robert Garcia, Vice President of ICF’s Coaching in Organisations, led the event with an interactive masterclass titled “The Future Landscape of Coaching in Organisations.” The masterclass transcended the traditional lecture-style format, encouraging meaningful discussions and active participation. Participants found the experience informative and transformative, gaining valuable insights into coaching’s pivotal role in business and talent management.

One of the highlights of the event was the networking session, where attendees had the opportunity to connect with professionals representing a wide range of industries. This networking opportunity extended the impact of the event beyond the confines of the masterclass, creating a robust professional network that promises to yield future collaborations and innovations.

The overwhelmingly positive response from participants underlines the success of this event series, reinforcing World of Tomorrow’s commitment to providing cutting-edge knowledge and transformative innovation to shape tomorrow’s leaders.

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