Your Biggest Life Saver Today: Hand Sanitizers

Government of Maldives is easing lockdown restrictions, with that several state-owned enterprises are set to resume working in offices and in the following phases of easing restrictions private enterprises will resume to work from office as well. To control the spread of virus, it is very important to follow precautionary measures, especially having hand sanitizers at all times.

A typical office is full of all kinds of germs and bacteria and not just COVID-19 virus, hence keeping sanitizers several locations of the office is the smartest thing to even when the current situation returns to normal.  

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Studies conducted on hand sanitizers suggest that an alcohol-based sanitizer can kill about 97% of bacteria on your hand, and just 30 second of using hand sanitizer is as useful as two full minutes of handwashing.

The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine released a study about the impact of sanitizer in the workplace. The study depicted that health care claims were reduced by over 20% and absenteeism was reduced by 13.4% for the group of employees who used hand sanitizers in the workplace.

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Even though majority of work spaces will be contaminated with germs and bacteria, there are few key areas that health expert suggests to keep hand sanitizers at all time.

On Each Employees Desk

Keeping sanitizers at employees’ desk will ensure prompt and constant use of hand sanitizers. Keeping each employees’ working space/bubble clean and virus free is very vital when controlling spreading of viruses.

By the Doors

Doorknobs are one place that will be touched or used by all employees, hence keeping hand sanitizers near doorknobs and making regulations to use hand sanitizers before and after touching doorknobs will go a long way in controlling the spread of COVID-19.

Near the Elevator

Elevator buttons are also one of the hotbeds for contamination of viruses. Hence, keeping hand sanitizers near elevators will help to reduce the spread of virus via elevator buttons.

In the Kitchen/Breakroom

Kitchen or breakroom will be shared by all the employees’; thus, it is very important establishing hand sanitizers to reduce cross-contamination of virus.

With the re-opening of offices with ‘new normal’ regulations, it is very important for employers to establish hand sanitizers in working spaces.

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