10 Things to do in Laamu Atoll

Blessed with pristine white sandy beaches and turquoise clear waters, Maldives is undoubtedly one of the most attractive destinations worldwide. With well over a million annual visitors since 2013, the tourism industry is booming rapidly. With a mix of the local; culture, crafts and cuisine, the country attracts new visitors yearly while retaining some regular visitors who just cannot seem to get enough of the country. Divided into 26 atolls, the country is a mix of various cultures and lifestyles and boasts a rich history.

Leaving all the other beautiful atolls in Maldives out, this time we will focus on the beauty of Laamu Atoll. Also known as Haddhunmathi by the locals, the atoll is formed by a barrier reef which creates beautiful diving spots as well as beautiful aqua blue lagoons. With a variety of things to do, Laamu Atoll can never be boring. Here’s a list of things you can do if you ever find yourself at Laamu Atoll. 

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1.Visit the Paree Fengan’du

The Paree Fengan’du on the island of Laamu Gan is one of the most mysterious and the most jaw-dropping places in the atoll. It was said that no one can ever reach the bottom of the mangrove pool. While many certified divers have tried to reach the bottom, they are blocked by the mangrove tree roots and other fallen tree debris which have accumulated at the lower levels. While the top layer of the mangrove is fresh water, the deeper you go, the water turns colder and saltier. Moreover, the mangrove being said to be almost 20 metres deep, no light reaches beyond a certain point under water and its pitch black even with a flashlight.

2. Visit the Laamu Gan Haiytheli

The Laamu Gan Haiytheli or Gan Havita is a pyramid of hard rock and stone used to hide an ancient Buddhist temple after the conversion of Maldives to Islam. While the ruins are believed to be still buried there, the Haiytheli is believed to be 850 years old with the ruins older than that. After the shift to Islam in the 12th century, the remnants are buried there are believed to be only the idols and trinkets after the temple was destroyed. While stone was used to build the temple, there have been cases of vandalism around the site between the 20th and 21st century as the rock and stones from the site were used to build houses in the island. Now it is more preserved and it is a definite bucket lost item for any visitor to Laamu Atoll.

3. Ride on the Laamu Link Road

The 18.5km long stretch of asphalt is the longest road in the Maldives connecting 4 different islands, Fonadhoo, Kahdhoo, Maandhoo and the largest island in Maldives, L. Gan. Blessed as a boulevard of palm trees, the road shows an extent of the country’s beautiful nature during a ride down on a lane with glimpses of the cerulean ocean while the full view can be seen in between islands. Its one of the best experiences a visitor ought to try out if they are ever in Laamu Atoll.

4. Try golha riha

Photo: Lonumedhu.mv

Laamu Atoll, just like all the other atolls have their own unique traditions, customs, food and clothes. Among these, the most famous is Gulha Riha, or in the Haddhunmathi common tongue, Golha Riha. It is a delicacy specially prepared by the people of Laamu Atoll in their own traditional way. Also known as the Maldivian Meatball Curry, the meat used is mostly reef fish with the occasional use of tuna for special celebrations. And the curry paste is not imported, but it is made using the raw material being grinded using mortar and pestle and mixed is proportions of a secret recipe known by Laamu women. This is a something that you should taste if you are ever a visitor in Laamu Atoll.

5. Stay at Six Senses Laamu

Photo: Booking.com

Six Senses Laamu is the only resort yet in this stunning atoll. Located on a reef plateau between Gaadhoo, Maamendhoo and Hithadhoo, the location of the island shows a beautiful surround nature with sights of the vast blue ocean and the greenery of its neighboring island scan be seen despite its seclusion. Surrounded by beautiful coral reefs and turquoise lagoons, the setting is perfect for diving, snorkeling or even water sports such as jet skiing, water boarding, parasailing and other fun activities. The resort is well equipped with a spa for a relaxing experience as well as a waterside pool and bars with an overwater restaurant. As such, this experience ought not to be missed while at Laamu Atoll.

6. Visit ‘Star Wars : Rogue One’

If you’re in Maldives and are a Star Wars fan, Laamu Atoll is one destination you must visit. The islands of Gan and Berasdhoo, also known to Star Wars fans as Planet Scarif, were used in the shooting of the Star Wars team for their movie Star Wars: Rogue One. The scenery which had beautiful turquoise waters and white sandy beaches with coconut palms was said to be the best possible way to depict the scenes at Planet Scarif, which was said to be a beach paradise planet. Therefore, a trip to Laamu Atoll will not be complete without visiting this famous location.

7. Isdhoo-Dhan’bidhoo tours

Photo: Deskgram

As these two islands have a very high historic significance, not only in the atoll but also in the entire country, a visit to these two islands must be on every bucket list if you’re in Laamu. Two very old scriptures known as loamafaanu copper plates were found in the mosques of these two islands which are now on display at the national museum. The loamafaanu scriptures were found to have information shortly after Maldives accepted Islam in 1153 A.D. As these scriptures are almost 900 years old, they are among of the most ancient writings. So, go immerse yourself into a little history of the Maldives and discover new things there.

8. Scuba Diving

Photo: Six Senses Laamu

Laamu Atoll is one of the most untouched atolls in Maldives, with a lot of virgin diving spots. If you’re into exploration and some fun, this would be perfect for you. With many usual open water diving spots such as Fushi Kan’du, Munnafushi Kan’du, Maamendhoo Giri, Hithadhoo corner and Maayu Kan’du, there are untouched spots for you to discover.

9. Wave Surfing

Photo:  Ocean Dimensions on FB

Laamu Atoll is one of the best place to surf in Maldives. Several surfing competitions were held in Laamu Atoll. With famous spots such as Ying Yang, Bedhuge, Machine, Refugee’s Left and Refugee’s Right, the waves are amazing usually during June till August during the peak of the Maldivian rainy monsoon. So, make sure you hit the bets surf points in Laamu before you leave.

10. Maavah Iruvai Dhondhooni experience

Photo: Maeed Zahir on Twitter

The island of Maavah is the western most island in the atoll. However, from December through April, an extraordinary phenomenon takes place on the island. Swarms of dragonflies fly into the island through the cold northern wind and are thought to be originally from the Indian Peninsula. These migratory dragonflies require freshwater to breed and lay eggs, however, on this island through these months, dragonflies can be found all over the island and in the island’s mangrove area, there is a swarm of dragonflies flapping around. This would be an incredible sight to see for a visitor.

Laamu is filled with unique culture, breathtaking beauty and hues of blues and greens. Get your bags packed, call a friend and take a trip to this beautiful atoll and experience its spectacular nature!

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