3 Tech Trends Businesses Can’t Ignore in 2021

Spending 2020 under the shadow of calamity has affected what we now need from technology. Covid-19 and social distancing have shifted our expectations, whether in the realm of business or in our personal lives.

Many of the same issues we tackled last year will carry over to this one, but the way we approach them will be different thanks to what tech companies have already been able to build to date.

1. Normalizing Remote Work

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If there is anything the pandemic has taught us, it is that a lot of our work can be just as easily done from home or in a remote location. With modern technology and the internet at our disposal, remote working has never been easier.

While the majority of companies will likely return to working on-site when it’s safe to do so, management may be more open to alternative work arrangements for their employees in the future. 

2. Hyper-automation

Hyperautomation is the process of simplifying, digitizing and streamlining a process so that it can be handled automatically through a software-based solution. The more repetitive or predictable a process is, the easier it will be to automate. 

The objective is the full digitization and automation of a legacy process. If the hyper-automation is successful, then the company can reallocate employees to more valuable positions, thereby increasing efficiency and productivity across the board. 

3. Internet of Behaviour

The Internet of Behavior (IoB) is the use of data and technology to change people’s behavior. Technology has been used to influence behavior for many years, but IoB solidified as a concept during the pandemic. 

However, IoB has applications beyond managing the pandemic. Fitbit and Apple Health are already using IoB to improve people’s fitness by tracking behavior and prompting activity based on user-selected metrics.

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