5% of All World’s Administered COVID Vaccines Transited Through Dubai on Emirates Aircraft

Governments and health authorities around the world are ramping up their efforts to protect communities from COVID-19 through large scale vaccine roll-out and it has been estimated that more than 1 billion doses of COVID-19 vaccines* have been administered globally. One out of every 20 COVID-19 vaccine doses administered around the world has transited through Dubai and has flown on an Emirates aircraft.

Emirates SkyCargo, the air freight division of Emirates has been leading the international air cargo industry in the transportation of COVID-19 vaccines and other essential pharmaceutical, PPE and food supplies during the pandemic. The air cargo carrier has moved around 59 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines to more than 50 destinations around the world. Emirates SkyCargo has also transported six different types of COVID-19 vaccines on its flights.

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Emirates SkyCargo has a dedicated GDP certified facility at its hub in Dubai used for storing and transporting COVID-19 vaccines from manufacturing locations to a destination network spanning six continents. With its modern widebody aircraft, innovative equipment such as Cool Dollies and specialised containers, Emirates SkyCargo has been able to safely and rapidly deliver around 5% of the total COVID-19 vaccines administered around the world since October 2020.

In January 2021, Emirates SkyCargo joined hands with DP World, Dubai Airports and International Humanitarian City to form the Dubai Vaccine Logistics Alliance. The Alliance partners work together to facilitate the rapid transport of COVID-19 vaccines and related medical supplies through Dubai to developing countries. In February 2021, Emirates SkyCargo joined hands with UNICEF to expedite transportation of COVID-19 vaccines under the framework of the COVAX facility, aimed at equitable distribution of vaccines to global communities.

Dubai and the UAE have maintained their leading position at the centre of global logistics and supply chains during the COVID-19 pandemic. The UAE has also made rapid progress in vaccinating its citizens and residents against COVID-19, with more than 10 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines administered to date. Emirates recently operated a special flight EK2021, to celebrate the UAE’s progress in its vaccination drive.

Emirates SkyCargo is a world leader in the air transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals and vaccines. More than 200 tonnes of pharmaceuticals are transported around the world everyday by Emirates aircraft, helping deliver cures to global communities. Emirates SkyCargo also has a specialised product ‘Emirates Pharma’ for the safe and efficient transportation of temperature sensitive pharmaceuticals. The air cargo carrier has also been working closely with ground handling partners across more than 30 different destinations across the globe to provide enhanced origin to destination temperature protection as part of its pharma corridors programme.

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