5 tips for corporate health and well-being by Mr. Mua

Nowadays, our lives have become a routine. Wake-up late for work, get ready, rush to work, sit all day, go back home, sleep and repeat. Hence, this makes us neglect many important things in our life such as health, social life, relationships and more. However, this is absolutely wrong. Just because you have a busy day at work does not mean your life should come to a stop. It is absolutely necessary to take care of yourself in every possible way. Hence, we at Corporate Maldives, met with Mr. Mua, owner of Glowfit, and discussed ways to keep yourself healthy and fit in the routine lives we lead.

1.Don’t skip breakfast

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This is absolutely important. So many of us wake up with very less time to go to work or even late, and would quickly get ready and then rush to work, forgetting to eat anything while trying to make it in time to work. To avoid such a situation, Mr. Mua suggested that you prepare your meal the night before and store them in a refrigerator so that you can heat it up in the morning and eat it at work or even at home. If not, grab something light before going to work and make sure not to buy any sort of junk food or fizzy drinks or such. Maybe buy a banana and a packet of milk as a healthy breakfast. Just make sure to avoid the unhealthy practice of skipping breakfast on a daily basis.

2. Don’t sit, walk around

This is very often misunderstood to be a bad thing in office. If you walk around in office you may be mistaken for a lazy person avoiding your work and wasting your time. In reality, this happens because your body needs a stretch and to avoid getting stiff from sitting too long. Mr. Mua pointed out that as you are required to sit all day and just work, it is healthy and a light exercise to simply just walk around the office a little, every now and then. Many of us experience back pain and muscle cramps from sitting all day, and I believe this tip is important for such people. He also explained that a little change of scenery does good to your health as it refreshes your brains and help you work better. So move around a little and visit your friends’ work stations. You will automatically feel a lot better.

3. Drink plenty of water

Our offices are air conditioned and we are expected to sit in such conditions all day which, even though we may be unaware, lead us to gradual dehydration, fatigue and etc. In order to avoid this, always keep a bottle of water beside you on your desk near your mouse so that when you go to touch the mouse, you are reminded to drink some water. Don’t just drink water when you feel thirsty. Thirstiness is a mechanism by your body to maintain fluid balance and salts in the body. Make sure to drink plenty of water so that you are always well-hydrated and hence, fit and healthy.

4. Try starting your lunch with salads

Though this one is especially for those who eat out during their lunch break, this can also be applicable for those who eat at home. When you go to a restaurant, you will find a buffet of various types of food together, giving you the opportunity to eat anything of your preference. In such situations many will directly go to the rices and noodles, completely ignoring the salads, which is obviously the healthier choice. Mr. Mua explains that rice too is important and should be a part of your food. Nevertheless, you should begin with a light salad which gives you a nutritional balance with the rice or noodles which will come later.

5. Having healthy snacks throughout the day

It is a common sight to see snacks lying on the desk of an office worker, waiting to be eaten at a short break in between or such. These snacks normally consist of salted nuts, chips or something unhealthy. Mr. Mua clarified that even though such nuts and chips are highly appealing, it is extremely tricky to eat processed foods when you don’t know the procedure they were made with. If you crave such snacks, making them yourself is a more safer option as you would then be sure of exactly what goes in them. In addition, processed foods are a high cause of coronary diseases and have proven to lower the average age heart diseases strike Maldivians.

Many workers are highly focused on work and forget to take care of themselves. These tips are easy to follow and allows you to focus on your work better. Following them would aid you in leading a more relaxed life, which is extremely important in this stressful world.

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