New Resorts to Boost Maldives Tourism with 2,700 Extra Beds: Minister

Amari Hovodda. Photo: Corporate Maldives

Minister of Tourism Ibrahim Faisal has revealed an additional 2,700 beds will be added to the Maldives tourism industry this year.

In an exclusive interview with PSM News, Minister Faisal emphasized the government’s commitment to enhancing the tourism industry, particularly in areas lacking tourist infrastructure.

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“With the launch of 12-15 new resorts this year, we estimate the industry will soon have 2,700 new beds,” he said.

According to Tourism Ministry data, the Maldives currently boasts 62,345 tourism beds: 42,955 beds from 174 resorts and 14,461 beds from 860 guesthouses.

Emphasizing the government’s commitment to fostering investment in tourism infrastructure in underdeveloped islands, Faisal disclosed plans for investor forums in multiple countries beginning in July or August.

“We aim to hold the first investor forum in July or August,” he said, adding that work is underway to hold an investor forum in Thailand.

“We are seeing encouraging interest from investors,” Minister Faisal remarked, highlighting government efforts to facilitate investments by reducing acquisition costs and offering attractive incentives.

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