Addu City to Convert Entirely to Renewable Energy

Addu City is set to generate all its electricity from renewable energy sources, a significant step towards sustainability. Mayor Ali Nizar has announced that the ongoing energy projects will ensure the city meets its entire energy demand through renewable means.

Addu City already produces approximately 11 MW of electricity through oil combustion. However, with a growing population and increasing energy consumption, the city council has identified renewable energy as the solution to its energy needs. Speaking to local media, Mayor Nizar highlighted the various current renewable energy projects, expressing confidence that these initiatives will fulfil Addu City’s energy requirements once completed.

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“Addu City currently uses about 11 to 12 MW of energy. When the ongoing projects are completed, they will generate as much energy as Addu City needs. There is no battery system, so solar energy is used only during the day,” stated Mayor Nizar.

While Addu City lacks a battery storage system for solar energy, the Aspire Project, the largest energy initiative in the Maldives, plans to install a 4 MW battery system to enhance the city’s capacity to store and use solar energy efficiently.

The Mayor also mentioned the financial burden of providing electricity to about 70 mosques in Addu City. To address this, the Local Authority Company has been tasked with installing solar panels to supply renewable energy to these mosques.

A 1.2 MW solar power plant is operational in Addu City, with nearly 1 MW of solar capacity installed across various areas under the council’s home solar project.

Additionally, all office buildings in Addu City are already powered by renewable energy.

Among the ongoing projects, a 4.5 MW solar power system is being installed under the Aspire initiative.

Moreover, significant advancements have been made in the floating solar project, the largest renewable energy project in Maldives, with critical components targeted in Addu City.

Based on these renewable energy projects, the city council envisions Addu City becoming a diesel-free, green city within the next few years.

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